Politics lies in the domain of government system and is a science & art of governing, especially governing a political entity like a nation. To do that, eventually you need a plan which is the policy. For some, politics is the game you play to end up with specific policy. But in any way, both affects each other and the nation at large.

All progress in the world depends on the unreasonable man. We live in an "Information Arms Race", and we want to provide answers to everything and to have outcomes, which are in our control. The people who explain politics for a living - the politicians themselves, consultants and the media, love to have nice and tidy conclusions which suits them. Elections are decided by charismatic personalities, strategic maneuvers, the power of rhetoric, and (someone would argue) economy. Election outcomes hinge on the motivation of millions of individuals and their messy illogical psychologies. And with the dawn of a new era of statistical accountability and sophisticated technologies (Big Data, AI, ML), suddenly these "new empiricists" are miles ahead in comparison with "the old guards".

What We Do

Graphical Representation of
Assembly Constituencies, 2018

Graphical Representation of
Assembly Constituencies, 2018

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Polls & Surveys

Polling is crucial for conducting campaigns. With the products like 'SurveyANTIEE' and 'The 480->582' we strive to keep an emperical focus on the job, without becoming partisan.

Political Campaigning For Winning Elections

Campaigns may no longer be battles between candidates but between titans of the campaign industry, who have an impact on candidates, voters, and the outcomes, thus also on governance and public policy. We make candidates win.

True Democracy For India

Competitive elections provide candidates with incentive, to provide voters with better information, highly desirable from the standpoint of "True Democracy". For the largest democracy in the world, this is the IMPERATIVE.

Techno Politics

Technical innovation are at the core of any winning election campaign and we modify existing technology as well as create a few new one to build entirely new tools, aiding in running a successful campaign and engaging voter to "GET OUT AND VOTE".
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Probable Duplicate Voters of Indore District (For Public Use).

Probable Duplicates from draft electoral roll (published on 22nd February 2019). In total there are 3.75 lacs probable duplicate voters in 9 Assembly Constituencies of the Indore district out of almost 25.7 lacs voters. Below is the assembly wise report:   The comprehensive report which highlights all the duplicate voters present in the Indore district …

“Probable Duplicate Voters” of Indore District for public use publishes the list of all the probable duplicate voters in the Indore district to the general public of the district and to the nation for them to scrutinize.

Comprehensive Analysis of Nanded Parliamentary Constituency Voter List of Maharashtra

The Nanded Parliamentary Constituency is one of the 44 Parliamentary Constituencies in the State of Maharashtra. We published a summary report regarding the State of Electoral Rolls in Maharashtra which discovered more than 44 lacs probable duplicate entries in the voter list.

The Maharashtra Voterlist Saga: Large Amount of Duplicate Voters

In 8.44 Crore voters in the draft list present in Maharashtra, there are 44 lacs duplicate voters on the parameters of Same Name, Relative Name and Gender.

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