“Probable Duplicate Voters” of Indore District for public use

“Probable Duplicate Voters” of Indore District for public use publishes the list of all the probable duplicate voters in the Indore district to the general public of the district and to the nation for them to scrutinize.

Probable Duplicates from draft electoral roll (published on 22nd February 2019).

In total there are 3.75 lacs probable duplicate voters in 9 Assembly Constituencies of the Indore district out of almost 25.7 lacs voters. Below is the assembly wise report:

Assembly wise report of probable duplicate voters in Indore district


The comprehensive report which highlights all the duplicate voters present in the Indore district with assembly and booth information can be downloaded here.

Download from the link below:

Download the App !  (Booth Wise Downloads Available) brings you a unique way to scrutinize and identify duplicate voters in your district. The “Voterlist Indore” Android application allows general public, party workers and booth level officers to identify probable duplicate or bogus voters in their respective area making it a community initiative.